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  • wide power supply range:1.65v to 5.5v
  • low on-resistance:
  • ron(nc) = 0.3ω(vcc=5v)
  • ron(no) = 0.3ω(vcc=5v)
  • low on-resistance flatness:
  • rflat(nc) = 0.08ω(vcc=5v)
  • rflat(no) = 0.08ω(vcc=5v)
  • -3db bandwidth: 33mhz
  • rail-to-rail signal range
  • high off-isolation: -66db (f=100 khz)
  • crosstalk rejection: -74db
  • low total harmonic distortion: 0.035%

the bl1555 is a dual wide-bandwidth, fast single-pole double-throw (spdt) cmos switch featuring an on-resistance of 0.3 ohm at vdd=5v and wide power supply range from 1.65v to 5.5v. it can be used as an analog switch or as a low-delay bus switch.break-before-make function for both parts eliminates signal disruption during switching from preventing both switches being enabled simultaneously.