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400ma bi-direction relay driver

  • 5 to 40v input voltage range
  • low power consumption (iq<1ua)
  • input high level threshold: 2v, compatible with most single chip microcontroller
  • typical driving current: 400ma
  • rds(on)=7ohm (vin=12v, pmosfet nmosfet)
  • rds(on)=7ohm (vin=30v, pmosfet nmosfet)
  • peak driving current: 500ma@vin=24v
  • environment temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • sot23-6 and sop-8 packages

bl8023k is a bi-direction relay driver circuit, used to control the magnetic latching relay, with large output capability, ultra-low power consumption. it can be widely used in smart meters and other pulses, level control applications. bl8023k can provide 400ma typical driving current, which will different according to the relay coil resistance. the input high level threshold of bl8023k is 2v, making it compatible with most single chip microcontroller. bl8023k is available in sot23-6 and sop8 packages.