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withic design and development as the dominant business, ic manufacturing andproduction as the backbone, we have established our own intellectual propertyrights through independent design and manufacturing. by the end of 2014, wehave applied for 488 patents and had 299 granted patents, of which 125 areinvention patents.

2015-1-1: belling and belling “b” lettertrademark were named shanghai famous trademarks (2015-2017) by shanghai administrationfor industry and commerce.

2013-6:belling was nominated as a pilot enterprise for the “project on enhancing iputilization capacities of industrial enterprises’ by the ministry of industryand information technology in no. 316 letter of the ministry in 2013.

2012-1:belling and belling “b” letter trademark were named shanghai famous trademarks(2012-2014) by shanghai administration for industry and commerce.

2009: belling and belling “b” lettertrademark were named shanghai famous trademarks by shanghai administration forindustry and commerce.

2007: won “excellent patent andexcellent patent industrialization project” gold award issued by xuhui districtscience and technology commission.

2007-4-26: recognized as a “shanghai intellectualproperty model enterprise” jointly by shanghai state-owned assets supervisionand administration commission, shanghai intellectual property administration,shanghai municipal commission of economy and informatization, shanghaiadministration for industry and commerce, shanghai municipal finance bureau, shanghaimunicipal 凯发k8娱乐 copyright bureau.

2006-1: the “bipolar ic manufacturingprocess” patent won the 9th china patent excellence award issued bythe state intellectual property office.

2006-1: recognized as a shanghaifamous brand by shanghai administration for industry and commerce.

2005-9:certified as a shanghai intellectual property model enterprise by the promotioncommittee of shanghai intellectual property model enterprise creation project.

2004: won 1st prize inshanghai 3rd invention patent award and utility model patent awardissued by shanghai intellectual property administration.

2003:recognized as a “shanghai advanced collective unit of enterprise ipr work” byshanghai intellectual property administration.

2002: identified as a “shanghaipatent demonstration enterprise” by shanghai municipal commission of economyand informatization.

1999-3: established a nationallyrecognized enterprise technology center. relying on the national levelenterprise technology center, the company formed a technological innovationsystem with independent intellectual property rights.

1999: accepted as one of the 2ndbatch of patent pilot enterprises in shanghai by shanghai municipal commissionof economy and informatization.